The boo visual studio integration project on codeplex (BooLangStudio) has been progressing nicely. I have had some time to work on it and recently got debugging working:


I was also able to implement the project properties dialog where standard settings like AssemblyName, Default namespace and OutputPath can be set as well as some Boo specific, like turn on or off ducktyping mode or whitespace agnostic mode.

There has also been some big improvements to the intellisense support by James Gregory. Improvements has also been made to the syntax highlighting by Olson Jeffery. The fun thing about the new syntax highlighting code is that a large part of it is written in Boo! So we are actually at the point were we are using BooLangStudio to develop BooLangStudio :)

Justin Chase has also created an installer which is great as you can now install BooLangStudio in the standard registry hive along with all your other plugins and language services. I had some free time today, and decided to try to get code outlining to work, it was quite simple to get something to work, but it is a little buggy, they keep disappearing and reappearing.


With some luck we might see a release sometime before the summer is over :)