CodeSaga is a source code repository web analysis app, very similar to FishEye. I have been working on this as a hobby project for a while now. It basically grew out of frustration with the existing TFS web tools and the need to have something fun to work on.

History log with an expanded diff:


Start page:


For more screenshots, feature descriptions and download info:, there is also live demo site for it, have a look:

I will do a more detailed blog post later, I am to very tired right now, I have been working all day on installation & admin documentation plus fixing some critical issues before this first release.


Rick said...

Wow, very cool. Nicer than any other repository web viewer I have seen!

Krzysztof Koźmic said...

Looks nice, I like the diff-within-log feature

cristian said...

Snofsigt värre

Mikael said...

Trevligt att se helheten nu, riktigt bra gjort!

Thomas L said...

Interesting! I can think of this as a backdrop to the daily scrum.

Joakim Sundén said...

Awesome Torkel! The web design is great, and the same goes for your blog; what about putting your skills to use revamping (or actually "creating" is more true) the Swedish ALT.NET site ( :-)

I read your mail about Code Saga to ALT.NET Mailing List - you should at least let Dag König, the Swedish VSTS/TFS Evangelist, know about it.

Torkel Ödegaard said...

I think Dag König already knows about it (via Johan Lindfors)

Tensor said... link is dead

Torkel Ödegaard said...

Yes, sorry, I terminated the hosting because it was to costly. I hope to find new hosting.

But in the meantime you can find the source at google code.