The keynote with Scott Gu just ended and I am sitting in the keynote hall waiting for the second keynote.

The most interesting points:

  • Visual studio 2010 will use WPF, the UI will not only look and work better but most of all will be easier to extend using MEF. Scott showed how to create a really nice visualization of method xml comments by extending the code editor, this was done implementing a very simple interface, exposing the class using the MEF Export attribute and drop the assembly in a components visual studio directory, no need to register components in the registry anymore.
  • Windows 7 will contain some actual usability improvements not only a new glass look :)
    • They showed it running on a netbook with one 1GB ram where there the OS used 512 MB, seems they will be optimising it for this scenario. 
  • Live Mesh seems interesting, Office 14 seems to use it a lot.


The second keynote with Don Box has begun and I better listen...

Updated with more pictures:

Picture 059

Picture 051

Pretty big room. Those gray rectangles hanging from the roof is projector screens for those in the back.

Picture 028

I am the guy in the black t-shirt.

Picture 045

Out last night at Tailors steak house, from left to right, Joakim  Sundén, Patrik Löwendahl, Magnus Mårtensson.