I thought I would do a best of post, as many others seems to be doing it.

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image This was actually my first year of blogging. I have had ambitions to start blogging for years but just never got around to actually do it, mainly because of two reasons. First I thought that if I was going to start blogging I would need to setup a custom domain, fix hosting, install and configure some blogging software, etc. All that initial setup time was a road block to start blogging, I could just not find the time to do it because of a heavy work load and a lot of overtime. The second reason was that if I started blogging I wanted it to be a serious blog with good valuable content, and for that I felt that I needed to mature and gain some more experience.

But in retrospect I regret that I did not start sooner, during 2005-2007 I was a lead developer on a multi-tenant B2B system where I did some interesting work with url rewriting with WebForms (before there was much information about it), started using NHibernate and Castle Windsor, SAP integration logging using AOP, etc, in short I had a lot to blog about that could have been valuable and helpful to the .NET community.

I am very glad that I eventually started blogging because it has been a very fun, rewarding and learning experience. One of the reasons that I eventually started was the extremely easy setup that Google's blogger service provided where you could register a domain and start blogging in a mater of minutes. Google's blogger service has been pretty great as a way to get started, the only problem is the bad comment system and some lack of flexibility. I will probably be moving to a hosted solution where I can run and configure the blogging software myself during 2009 but right now it is not a top priority.

I want thank everyone who subscribes or reads this blog, I have been very pleasantly surprised by the amount of people who subscribe, it is very motivating to see that people find value in things I write and keeps me wanting to write more and better.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year