imageDeveloper Summit is a great developer conference held in Stockholm each year. This time it is being held in April spread over 3 days with two conference days between 15-16 April and one workshop day on the 17th. I am going to have talk about Dependency Inversion (the pattern/principle) and how this pattern can help you create more loosely coupled applications. The talk will also be about what Inversion of Control containers are good for and how to use them effectively.

I will also host a workshop about test driven development with ASP.NET MVC. A workshop that will be focusing on the testability aspects of ASP.NET MVC. Lab assignments could for example start with an empty controller test. I will go into scenarios where you need to use mocking/stubbing and scenarios where the MVC framework cleverly avoids mocking (by passing FormCollection to the action for example). There is also going to be lab assignments and examples that show how to use WatiN for integration testing.

Other interesting talks:

  • Good Test, Better Code by Scott Bellware
  • A Technical Drilldown into “All Things M” by Brian Loesgen
  • RESTful Enterprise Integration with Atom and AtomPub by Ian Robinson

There are many more interesting talks, so be sure the sign up if you can.