I have been playing with the WPF framework Caliburn and just to have something fun to work on I ported Roger Alsings "EvoLisa" to WPF (from WinForms).


I have preciously ported this app to Direct3D, and to Silverlight, these ports did not work out as I had hoped (although the native C++ Direct3D port was pretty fast). The application UI architecture was inspired by NHibernate Profiler (I took a sneak peek at the code via reflector, I hope ayende don’t mind). It was the fact that NHibernate Profiler uses Caliburn that got me interested in Caliburn in the first place.

To checkout the code (Subversion): http://tlo.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/GenArtWPF/ (This is just a experimental spike to learn wpf/caliburn so no unit tests)