I have blogged before about my visual studio color settings.

I just found a new site called Studiostyles that allows you to create visual studio color schemes via an intuitive interface (using javascript). You can then submit the scheme and have other people vote on it. I just submitted my theme: http://studiostyles.info/schemes/coding-instinct-theme  please vote it up!  You cannot select font type in the Studiostyles scheme creator, that is why it is displayed using courier new instead of the better Consolas font. 





Luke Sampson said...

Nice theme! I voted it up - trying it out in VS now. Thanks for submitting, and thanks for getting the word out :)

Jake said...

Cool :) I've been inspired by your color scheme and the TextMate color scheme before.

I posted my theme up as well: http://studiostyles.info/schemes/jystic

Hope you can steal some ideas from it!

It's unfortunate that studiostyles doesn't let you specify delegate or value type colors (or xaml) :(

Luke Sampson said...

Congrats on the popularity of your theme - 2nd highest rated for over 2 weeks now. BTW I've added XAML support to studiostyles now.

PMC said...

Is it just me or do the theme get corrupt somehow ? for me it seems something is wrong when I import the theme in vs2010.

Here is a picture of it: http://dl.ghazzer.com/temp/totalmess.png

Anonymous said...

Great scheme. However I use the VS 2010 power tools add in which adds a current line highlight. Sometimes the colours don't work quite right. Have you tried this add in, and do you have any better line highlight colours such that it blends with your scheme better? Thanks.