I get mails from time to time asking for my visual studio color scheme settings. The code examples on this blog use the same color scheme I use in visual studio, which is a scheme I tweaked together about 2 years ago after reading this post by Jeff Atwood, in that post he had this screenshot:


I really liked how this looked, so I spent the next weak creating and constantly tweaking a code and html color scheme inspired by the above image (I did manage to get some coding done as well).

This is the result:


This is how xml looks like:


I was really happy with how the xml color scheme turned out :)

So If you like it:

Updated: Now the files only contain "Fonts & Color" settings.


Ben L said...

Very nice. Especially like the XML/HTML colouring. I've replaced my usual settings with yours! One Note it is better to just export the "Fonts and Colors" node in settings when distributing something like this.

Torkel Ödegaard said...

How do you only export "fonts and colors"?

SnowPalmer said...

This is a very nice color scheme. I'm going to set it to my default for a while. I agree though to only export Fonts and Colors. I made sure that I only selected that part when importing.

When you export and you get to the "Choose Settings to Export" page you just need to uncheck everything and then go to Options -> Environment -> Fonts and Colors and check that.


Jon from ProactiveLogic said...

This is a really nice scheme, thank you! I upped the font size to 16 (I have a 30 inch monitor) and made "Identifiers" bold. So far so good!

garrettgjb said...

Awesome theme, what font is it?

Torkel Ödegaard said...

It is Consolas, new font included in Vista, if you are still using XP download the Vista font pack.

Leon Breedt said...

Haha, screenshot is from my Mac (TextMate editor), I remember sending it to Jeff.

I saw your Visual Studio theme in a blog post of yours and decided I have to have it, and discovered its provenance.

Awesome :)

Torkel Ödegaard said...


Anonymous said...

The prettiest I ever seen!!