If you are attending the Øredev conference this week, be sure to checkout the ALT.NET track. First out is Joakim Sundén with "ALT.NET - Are you ready for the Red Pill?", I just reviewed his slides and it's a great introduction to ALT.NET, giving both a detailed background and description of the term without being divisive or elitist. 

I am not attending Øredev this year, I wish I was, besides the ALT.NET track their is a terrific DDD track with presenters like Jimmy Nilsson and Eric Evans. Robert C. Martin is also presenting a keynote and a talk on clean code.

The Cornerstone event Pimp My Code was finally announced today (after some series of delays). I was originally scheduled to talk on Dependency Inversion Principle and Inversion of Control Containers, but due to the delays and the reorganizing from single day conference to a small evening event the schedule was reworked, so I will not be doing the talk. Instead I will hopefully get the chance to perform the talk at Developer Summit next year (probably in mars).