Working with MGrammar in Intellipad's split view in fullscreen on a 26" monitor is pure joy :)


To change the default color schema in intellipad is easy, just modify the Intellipad\Settings\ClassificationFormats.xcml file. It looks like this:

<act:Export Name='{}{Microsoft.Intellipad}ClassificationFormat'>
  <ls:ClassificationFormat Name='Unknown' 
                           Foreground='#FFEEEEEE' />
<act:Export Name='{}{Microsoft.Intellipad}ClassificationFormat'>
  <ls:ClassificationFormat Name='Numeric' 
                           Foreground='#FFEEEEEE' />


The hard part was to figure out how to change the background color, which currently can't be done by changing some xml config file but can be accomplished with a small python snippet.

def SetBlackBackground(target, bufferView, args):
   bufferView.TextEditor.TextView.Background = System.Windows.Media.Brushes.Black

I got this snipped from Vijaye Raji (SUPER NINJA). You got to digg someone with SUPER NINJA in their Microsoft email display name :)